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What’s The Best Credit Card For Me?

So, you have decided you need a credit card. However, you must remember that not all credit cards are created equally. Your friend’s credit card doesn’t mean that it is also the best for you. Before going to this bank and get its credit card, you must consider the several factors that you should take into consideration when deciding which credit card you want to get.

Some of those factors include:

o Interest rate. When you are the type of person that pays off your balance monthly, you would probably disregard the interest rate. Unfortunately, most people are having problems keeping with their credit card balance. Most people do carry a balance in their credit cards. If you sometimes late paying and carrying a balance, then it would be the best decision to have a credit card with a low interest rate. Having a card with a low interest rate save you a lot of money. You might disregard the difference between a 10 percent and 20 percent interest rate, but the difference could be significant if you have balances for a long period of time. Major credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX, have low interest versions of their credit card.

o Reward programs. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express and other major credit card companies have reward programs. Reward programs give you special privileges or services for being a credit card holder. Some of these programs include frequent flyer programs, where you are given one frequent flyer mile for each dollar spent. If you are quite a traveler, then a credit card with this program might be for you. Some offer cash-back options. Most common are discount offerings at retail stores or online chains.

o Annual fees. The annual fee is an important consideration, especially those who have a hard time paying off their balances monthly. If you think that the annual fee you have to pay to keep your card is way too high compared with the privileges you get from your card, it would be probably better to stop using the card.

o Member benefits. Credit cards promise various benefits. Some have travel protection as part of the benefits, while others offer roadside assistance. You have to consider your lifestyle in checking out a card’s benefits.

Remember: On choosing credit cards, choose wisely. If you need to, discuss your specific financial needs with your financial advisor.

A Few Credit Card Benefits

Once you compare the cost and interest rates of charge cards cards you may be ready to look at the rest of credit card benefits. They fall into several categories: protection, assistance, rewards and savings.

One of the prime protections offered by credit companies is the limit to your liability if your card is stolen. Without that one, charge cards could become too dangerous of a convenience to use. You also are protected should your card be used without your permission. This guarantee is becoming more important as many card transactions are conducted over the phone and thieves are creatively swiping your numbers. You do need to report any unauthorized transaction within a reasonable time frame. Keep checking those statements. Charge cards are convenient but they do require some vigilance.

Protection extends far beyond that though. Credit card benefits can extend the warranty on merchandise you purchase with your credit card. It is not uncommon to receive price protection for a month after you make your purchase in case you should find a lower price. You may also be reimbursed if the item is stolen within a few months of purchase or even if you decide the product does not work for you and the store won’t take it back. Travel insurance benefits can come in handy if your luggage is delayed, damaged or lost and you are just starting your vacation. Most cards offer common carrier accidental death insurance if you paid for the entire fare with your credit card.

Expect assistance around the globe from the major card companies with anything related to your credit card. Many offer extended credit card benefits. These could include making reservations at restaurants and locating event tickets. Higher end cards may grant you access to airport lounges, and help you with travel related needs such as locating a towing service or a physician. Replacing a lost plastic could be the first thing you need if you didn’t bring much cash.

Rewards being offered as credit card benefits are becoming more creative. You can get cash, gas, hotel rooms, air fare, gift cards for retailers, entries into sweepstakes, and your choice of charities to donate your reward points to. How much easier could it be than to donate to a good cause using points you won’t miss? You still get the benefit of feeling good about having contributed. When the earthquake in Haiti hit the banks were quick to set up ways for their customers to donate reward points towards Haiti relief. One bank reported a 850% increase in donations over the previous January.

The number of savings available as credit card benefits is growing too. With business cards you can expect to save on office products, shipping and merchandising services, travel and insurance plans. Personal charge cards offer savings on entertainment items such as theater tickets, special events and rental cars. The amount you can save with the car rental insurance still included with some credit cards is likely to pay for any fee associated with the card.

Payday Loan Lending Meets Consumers At The Gas Pump

The rise and fall of gas prices continues as consumers hit the pumps waiting to see what they will pay for a gallon of gas. When it comes to filling the tank, payday loans have been known to meet the needs of someone who is low on fuel. The past few years of uncertainty has made being a car owner a little more difficult due to the high cost of gas.

Short-term loans come in handy when there is an unexpected trip to the dentist or a car repair. But as of late, consumers have turned to direct payday lenders online to help meet their needs when it comes to keeping up with the cost of getting from point A to point B. If you aren’t driving a hybrid or other type of car that is made for fuel economy, it’s important to know how to turn a gas guzzler into a sipper and keep your budget from going into the tank!

Consider the following tips when trying to conserve gas and get more mileage for your money. It’s the little things that add up and save you money in the long run:

*Be strategic when running errands- Plan your errands carefully so you driving back and forth and all over town. Try to shop at stores that are located in the same vicinity, finishing up your “to-do” list in one trip. Do you grocery shopping, banking, and dry-cleaning in the same shopping center if possible. Be sure to ask the members of your family if there are any errand they need taken care of as well. You can piggyback on those as well. Park your car in a shaded area to prevent gas evaporation. Not only will you save money on gas, you will get some exercise too! Did you know that parking outward, with the nose of your car forward, also saves gas? Saving a buck or two by doing this can really add up and may prevent you from needing a fast cash payday loan just to fill the tank.

*Be more fuel efficient on the highway- Maintaining a consistent speed while on the highway is a great way to save money in gas. If you are in the position to use cruise control, you will have an easier time staying at the same speed. (On a side note- cruise control can help prevent you from going over the speed limit.) Refrain from breaking too much on the highway as well. While increasing and decreasing speed is an obvious and necessary part of driving, it’s not good to “ride the brakes” when on the highway and/or freeway. If you have access to toll roads, you can utilize them on your daily commute as well in an effort to lessen the stop-and-go of your daily driving. Purchase a monthly pass to avoid having to stop and pay at the toll booth. You may even get a discount for buying one.

*Make sure your tires are properly inflated- Safety is the first and most important reason to have your tires inflated properly but did you know that correctly inflated tires can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by as much as two miles per gallon? That can add up to quite a bit if you do a lot of driving. It’s imperative that you know the PSI (pounds per square inch) of your particular tires as it varies depending on the type and size of the tire(s). Under-inflated tires can cause car accidents and worn out tires can result in blow out’s. Create a routine of checking your tires and always check then before you go on a trip or long drive. The cost of tires may require seeking the help of payday loan lending in which case you can get the cash you need and have new and safe tires as soon as possible.

Aside from tires, it’s make sure your car’s air filter is working properly, that your fuel cap is on tightly when you gas up, and that you are not carrying around too much weight in your car from unnecessary cargo (I don’t mean passengers of course!). While some of these things may seem odd or minimal, by changing your driving behaviors, you can save money and get the most for what you pay for at the pump. Emergencies may be lessened as well as the need for payday loan lending help.

Benefits from Small Business Credit Cards

Imagine hiring an accounts keeping agent for free for your small business. This is what small business credit card does for you indirectly. However, this is not the only benefit. There are a lot of other benefits too. It’s for these benefits that the small business credit cards have gained the status of a necessity today. Let’s see what these benefits are.

1. Auto-segregation of business expenses

This is the most important benefit from using a small business credit card. You just have to ensure that you make all your business payments using your small business credit card and your monthly credit card statement will clearly and accurately reflect all your business expenses. You can use this further for accounting purposes or business planning.

2. Rolling credit

Small businesses, as any business, incur expenditures first and earnings later e.g. a business might need to make purchases, pay their staff, incur maintenance costs etc, all towards building a product or providing services to their clients. The client is, of course, going to make payments. However, there is a time lag between these expenditures and earning. A small business credit card allows you to roll-over the credit i.e. you can pay for your expense using your credit card especially when you are expecting the client to pay in a month or so. This way you are rolling-over the credit to your small business credit card supplier. Thus the money to fund those expenses doesn’t come from your cash account

3. Emergency help

This is something which every small business requires. Small businesses experience crests and troughs. You never know when an immediate need for money might arise (on account of new purchases etc for a new project). More importantly, such a need generally arises from more/new business and you would surely not want this good news to be transformed into bad news. In such situations, a small business credit card can become really handy and bail you out.

4. Rewards

As with personal credit cards, the small business credit cards too have membership rewards. When choosing a small business credit card, this factor should also be given proper importance. Based on the requirements of your business, the rewards program of one credit card might suit you better than that of another credit card e.g. if your business involves a lot of air travel, a credit card offered by an airlines might give you additional benefits in terms of how fast and how much award points you earn. You can then barter these points for other benefits or products.

5. Other benefits

There are a lot of other benefits too which apply to small business credit cards. Though some of them are similar to what you have for personal credit cards, the ones for small business credit cards generally have something extra with them. These benefits include: cash back option, discounts on certain merchandise, free travel insurance, free baggage protection, discounts on hotels and rental cars and many more. Again, since these vary from company to company, you might as well look for these when choosing a small business credit card for your business.

With so many benefits, small business credit cards are really indispensable and demand attention.

Learning Quick Payday Loans

One of the main benefits of a loan that must be paid at the time of your next salary is that payday loans fast growth to be obtainable. You need to meet a few specifications. This reality is reflected in the massive variety of lenders, new loan lenders and those who are well established, of no faxing documents and no credit check payday loans. This is what makes both the speed attainable and inevitable.

However, you may wonder what makes it feasible for it without credit check and no faxing of critical documents. In fact, the documents are not exchanged in any other way either. Properly, that is because there is only few that a lender has to know.

All they need to know is that the person or the borrower will be able to repay the money. Actually, that is all the lender’s requirements wanted to know, and as long as they know this, then they can make the loan. As an unsecured payday loan always going to be and often ought to be paid early next month, assuming it is when the check is paid, all you need to know is that your paycheck is coming. So all they need to do is to ask you whether your paycheck is coming or not it, they also need to know that the one who is requesting this loan has a job. Over that, all they need to know is that you pay every month. If they know all of that, then they can approve your loan.

Reasons to apply a quick payday loans

You may be curious to know exactly why somebody might need to receive this scheme. There are lots of reasons and it is feasible.

Just understand that there is nothing wrong with you in case you feel you need to receive a payday loan quickly. That is why the service is available to people like you – to help in a time of short-term financial difficulties.

Say you have some emergency automobile repairs that arose unexpectedly, or perhaps you have a brand new infant coming. These sudden changes in your financial life may cause short-term financial difficulties together with your every month money flow. This might mean that you ought to have more expenses than expected.

Other reasons may include investing in a new business or to keep up with their every day bills. Some people need to receive a loan only one time – in which other people may need to make use of this service a couple of times. It is up to you and depends on your individual financial situation perhaps.

You may wonder in case you are the type of person eligible for a quick payday loan. Well, in case you have a job and pay day comes, you are probably eligible for this service. You can count on being able to make use of your next pay check to help make ends meet temporarily. Make sure you can pay your expenses after your next payday comes, so do not finish up getting of it often.